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An agile

We produce Swiss quality for Vietnamese prices.
– Under thorough eyes of a German management.


Things we have to done

To optimize customer's business processes, a variety of software solutions have been done by our team
  • Travel expense processing
  • Workload balancer
  • Travel expense application & processing
  • Workload balanver, appointment scheduler
  • Textile factory manager,
    Sales & agent manager
  • eCommerce, online booking systems
  • Healthcare & insurance manager
On the other side, our industrial IoT expertise includes
  • Mesh sensor networks
  • Gateway I/O and tracking applications using GMS/GPS, accelerometer, ultra-sonic modules

    On a variety of platform: Arduino, Raspberry PI, Orange PI, ARM, STM32, MSP430...

WhoWe Are

behind the code

Years back, a group of innovative entrepreneurs and IT specialists traveled to Vietnam. Quickly, they fell in love with the country and its people, intrigued by the spirit of the young and inquisitive. Together with a several of talented and ambitious young local professionals, they founded the Vietnamese branch of Rasia.

Ralf Gert Ohammadi Akhabach Team

Mohammadi Akhabach,  Business Angel

OpenSource is the core and community the heart of innovative solutions... Gert Franz,  Co-Founder

Digital Transformation is not just a keyword. It’s a challenge for all of us, and a chance... Ralf Mauk,  CEO

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